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CBOX Containers specializes in the rental, sale, modification and transport of new and used sea and storage containers. As a young global player, CBOX is constantly looking for ways to break open the traditional market. Loyals supports this process on various levels.


CBOX Containers



01. Assignment

MissionLoyals and CBOX started the (online) positioning together. Design was responsible for the rebranding of logo & corporate identity and online marketing for the different campaigns.

02. Execution

Due to the influx of requests, the digitization of the company accelerated. CBOX & Loyals have developed a custom ERP system together. In this system the internal processes are automated to be able to settle the different trajectories faster.

03. Result

A process that runs smoothly, transparently and efficiently for both the organization and their customers. An automated backbone that can be built on in the coming years.

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