The most beautiful new vintage and industrial furniture

Shabby chic and bohemian furniture. Bold and colourful. Every piece of furniture or accessory has its own story. Rootsmann has great, quirky new vintage and industrial furniture. These are sold directly from stock from our own warehouse via LOODS5. And this requires a good webshop.





01. Assignment

A new shop which works SEO-technically and offers the customer an easy and secure ordering process. Building the brand awareness of Rootsmann furniture and increasing turnover through online sales.

02. Execution

The design for the website was created by an agency from Amersfoort. Loyals worked on the underlying technology with product and order management. Our online Loyals have started mapping the results and channels through online measurement tools such as Google Analytics. We have set up campaigns aimed at stimulating online sales. So, we aim at a low cost per conversion. New blogs contributed to more website visitors. That's why we chose to write even more blogs. 


Because I have had a relationship with Loyals for more than 10 years, Loyals was a logical choice for the creation of our new website and webshop. A logical choice that turned out to be a hit!

Nobody can really estimate in advance what a new site and webshop means in a highly variable market. Internet is the foundation of our company and Loyals understands this very well, with various professionals in every field. Fast, professional, current and straightforward. Above all: flexible. We have worked with an external design agency. This agency is more likely to work with various IT (related) companies such as Loyals, but Loyals stood out in comparison: "everything" is possible and Loyals does not hide behind woolly computer terms to explain that something is impossible. Rootsmann is very satisfied with the site, the shop and the cooperation.

03. Result

Rootsmann has achieved a large growth in online sales: the turnover of the webshop has almost tripled. Customers are increasingly able to find the online store (an increase of no less than 85% in unique visitors!) And AdWords, social and SEO campaigns show a good conversion. The brand awareness has also been increased. 

Check out the webshop here!

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