Efficiency and a larger market share

Van Dijk Bloemen is a wholesaler in flowers and plants. They buy worldwide and at the Dutch auctions, of course. After packaging, these are sent to more than 50 countries around the world. To keep this scalable you have to optimize and automate. The step to an ERP was already made internally. But how cool is it when you can integrate demand and trade from your customers' customers into the process?


Van Dijk Bloemen



01. Assignment

The assignment was clear. Build a flexible multi-tier system with the option to access as far down the chain as the consumer wants.

02. Execution

We built a multi-tier marketplace in the form of a webshop. In this process, shops are created from a stock and order system for the customers of Van Dijk's direct customers. This automatically generates stocks, type of products, availability, sales prices and margins per level. The step to dropshipment is therefore a logical choice and can easily be made.

03. Result

Not only has efficiency gains been achieved down the entire distribution chain: the company's own market share has also been increased by facilitating customers. In other words, the result is a tighter process, and more sales by having their customers sell more.


We have been a very satisfied customer of Loyals for years.

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