Madero Ocean Club

Madero Ocean Club is a very popular and versatile club on Curaçao. During the day a much visited place for beach, lunch or a relaxing day by the pool. In the evening you can dine and occasionally the place is transformed with several bars into a small festival area. In short: Come and see for yourself!


Madero Ocean Club



01. Assignment

It was up to us to create a website as an online business card at the launch of this new club. The wish was to create a product in which image would play a major role. In addition, the menus and events have to be visible.


02. Execution

The concept 'A tour of the club' has been implemented in the photo carousel on the homepage. When you scroll, the navigation works as a route through the club, with additional photos and information. You start at the entrance and end at the big stage.  It was a unique project, because the customer had total confidence in our professional knowledge. During the process there were no intermediate commissioning or feedback moments.

03. Result

A worldwide Special Kudos Award from CSS Design Awards! A final product to be proud of. 

Check out the result here!

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