A contemporary, fast and effective website has been developed through supreme co-creation

At Lyceum Sancta Maria you take important steps for your future. You discover what you are good at, what you like, you build on your self-confidence and increase your independence. With a degree from Sancta Maria in your pocket, you are ready to go in to the world.


Lyceum Sancta Maria



01. Assignment

A new and responsive website should represent Sancta Maria as the school for parents and students who feel involved with Unesco and the development of a child into a "World Citizen". Sancta Maria is a school where everyone is welcome and can be themselves.

02. Execution

Loyals has started setting up a content strategy. Stakeholder interviews, describing the personas and creating a catchy text for the homepage that directly appeals to the target group. All this packs a tempting design and a flexible content management system. To tempt visitors even more, Roadworks has created a promotional video for the homepage.

03. Result

Satisfied pupils, parents & employees who got to see the new website during the school's 85-year anniversary celebration. Posting new content is fun again because it takes very little time and the website is communicated with pride.


Sancta was adequately supervised, both in the design phase and the final test phase. Quick and good communication led to the creation of a contemporary, fast and effective website through supreme co-creation. A website that does justice to the school’s spearheads; collaboration, excelence, and global citizenship!

Claasje Quadekker - Lyceum Sancta Maria
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