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Blue Curaçao. Need I say more? The blue liqueur is one of the most famous and recognizable liquors in the world and doesn’t require much of an introduction. The orange-flavored drink, produced by Senior & Co, is used in a wide variety of cocktails.

To capture the fresh flavor of Curaçao oranges in the liqueur, it is created at the Landhuis Chobolobo mansion. The 19th-century distillery in the heart of Willemstad is considered ‘The home of the genuine Curaçao Liqueur.’ A tropical piece of history, where over 150,000 visitors travel every year to learn more about the story, the heritage, and the production process of Senior & Co’s Blue Curaçao.


The Blue Curacao Experience



01. Assignment

Senior & Co decided it was time for the next step: the unveiling of The Blue Curaçao Experience. The Blue Curaçao Experience focuses fully on the interactive features surrounding Senior & Co, instilling the tour with rich experience, fun, and challenges.


02. Execution

To bring this feeling to the outside world, we assisted Senior & Co in the design of a website that:

●      Strongly places the fun and interactivity of The Blue Curaçao Experience tour front and center.
●      Is easy to navigate, lowering any barriers to booking a tour.
●      Has a look and feel that match the Senior & Co brand identity.

03. Result

The result is a quick-loading and user-friendly adaptive website with easy content management accessibility for TBCE. Cheers!

 Check out the results here!


With an organization growing pretty fast it is essential that all the (online) tools we use to reach our target groups work perfectly in terms of navigation, speed, and conversion wise and all of that wrapped in a ‘candy for the eye package’. The Loyals helped us with that.

Fahrida van West - Brand Manager
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