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Enjoying daily life. Compass Group strengthens the sense of well-being of your employees. Their vision on 'workplace wellbeing' is based on four pillars: food, community, ownership and storytelling. The synergy between these pillars leads to a working environment where employees like to be, feel at home and can achieve top performance every day. Whether it concerns catering for food and drink, securing a building or specialized cleaning; everything they do, they do with love for the trade and professionalism.


Compass Group



01. Assignment

To design and implement an appropriate concept for the location managers’ day, which is held once every two years. In this context, there must be a right balance between sharing knowledge, togetherness and fun, with the aim of involving employees in the vision and core values of Compass Group.

02. Execution

The concept "What's your story?" was created especially for this day. An inviting concept that responds to current events storytelling. We see them everywhere, stories about people, stories about nutrition, stories about products and in this case stories about Compass Group. We invite people to tell their story, because together we know more, and we can improve and optimize the experience of the customers. The stories come back throughout the event, in image, text, sound and of course live. 

In collaboration with our Design department, the event design was developed and we started working on the content. Online development built the event website with, among other things, a registration module, took care of the mailings and the evaluation form after the event, with the aim of collecting valuable data for a subsequent edition.

03. Result

An interactive, fun and informative day where colleagues exchanged stories with each other and were offered a platform to involve employees. This provided the focus and pillars for the next two years.

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