Cut the crap:
Marketing sessions

Few people are thrilled with the prospect of strategic processes that take months or years. Stacks of paper that nobody reads or understands. And that’s before you get started. By the time you get started, the market has already overtaken you. At the 'Cut the crap' sessions we’ve omitted all blabla and hot air. In two 2.5 hour sessions we turn the organisation inside out with the core team. This enables us to map the core values, brand identity and positioning. We provide this in a concise document that you can use immediately. This allows you to respond quickly to changes in the market without losing the core of your brand.

Let's cut the crap

Session 1: The core values

Clear core values are the basis of every strong brand. All subsequent steps have been built on this. Link behaviour rules to the values to arrive at a behavioural compass. This is a valuable document internally to build up and protect the culture. Externally you carry out the core values through your communication messages. These expressions will appeal to customers who share your values. And those are the customers to focus on.

Session 2: The brand identity & positioning

Who you are, what you stand for and claiming that spot. That’s the second session on the agenda. By building the brand identity on the values, we know for sure that we bring the brand forward authentically. And we believe that this is an essential part - because there are so many others already.

You can continue with the documents produced from these sessions yourself or with Loyals. Onwards to The Road ahead!





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