Explaining VIBA’s products in a playful way


VIBA wanted its products to get more awareness among its customers. Especially the adhesive products of the Sika brand deserved extra attention when it comes to the function and the unique selling points that the products offer. VIBA wanted videos that will help increase the awareness of the products and the quality of the features.

VIBA videocase | Loyals

About the case

To ensure the awareness of the VIBA's range of products, a video concept was set up in which a video highlighted a product and where its quality was tested.

Kees Tester

Loyals set up a concept in which VIBA's products were showcased by means of a specialist who uses them in a diversity of forms. Specialist Kees Tester, loves to test the top-quality adhesive products of Sika.

The challenge was to grab the customer's attention in the video, to show the quality without losing their attention during the video. That is why a known Dutch actor was chosen, who is known for his playful way of presenting, combined with a commentator who responds to this in a funny way.

Kees Tester shows how to properly apply Sika products for the most optimal and powerful connection between test objects. After this product has been applied, the object is also tested in a certain way. The connection is as strong as the product promises, which is why this test passes.

Watch the video with English subtitles below or watch the original video posted on VIBA's channel.