Growth Marketing


Results are results and HURAY  for that.

We are Huray – the growth-driven marketing agency. Always looking for the optimal customer journey, while the market is constantly changing and expectations are growing just as fast. It is not for us to tell you what to do to keep up, but to get more out of all the marketing activities you are already doing. This is how we contribute to structural growth.

We are focused on the right strategy, the smartest funnels, with tools and instruments on all relevant platforms and channels. We build on data, but believe even more in the power of orchestrating all activities. Our growth marketing team therefore consists of experts, experts in their own field, but know the power of all platforms and channels. And where and how they make the difference to optimally attract, engage and retain customers.

Whether we structurally increase commercial goals or help accelerate technical developments and performance, we never lose sight of the brand, ‘the core’. We do this by working from a strong brand foundation -a compact strategic plan-and translating this into kpi’s.

At Huray we know exactly how to deploy the right marketing activities to achieve our goals, and we are not afraid to change them again if the market demands it. Because constant change also means constant growth!

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