Live activations are small or large activities that contribute to the brand experience. They can be seen everywhere in the street. Interactive billboards, demo booths in shopping malls and pop-up stores. The public is becoming increasingly accustomed and that’s why live activations are becoming increasingly important and more original. For our customers we have already developed food trucks, a mobile flower stall, life-sized hook-a-duck game in the canal and much more cool stuff like that. Nothing is too crazy for us, it just keeps getting better.

Let's go nuts

So happy together

It gets even better when we get to develop the activation with our design and development Loyals. We can also provide the design for all communications and develop the campaign site. Handy in our fast-paced world. Linking a live activation to an online campaign has a wider reach and a longer life. Our online marketing Loyals tell you all about it.





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