A logo is the first thing customers see of your brand. The logo design also directly determines how they see your company. As a professional, or more like an amateur? As chic, modern, affordable, young, traditional? Your logo says a lot. It communicates the core values and message of your company on a deep, instinctive level. That's why everything has to be right; colour, shapes, fonts and proportions. So, the right tone is set right from the first glance, and people get a clear image of your company.

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Do's and don'ts

The logo shouldn’t be too complicated or fiddly. That doesn’t always look nice in print, especially when printed small. The logo design must be recognizable and relatively timeless. And don’t forget the flexibility: does the logo look good and clear on both a business card and a billboard? And what does it look like when it’s printed in black and white?

Let your logo design speak for itself

Another thing to keep in mind with logo design: who is your target group? Your logo must fit in well with this. A logo with round shapes and pastel colours probably doesn’t appeal to a tough motorcyclist target group. Just like a black with red logo with flames doesn’t really fit at a nursery.

You can see there’s a lot involved in logo design. Although you might be tempted to quickly make a logo (or have it made), this would be a shame, because a logo is the core element of the appearance of your company. Whether you choose a logo, word mark or a combination of both, our designers will surprise you. 'From scratch' our studio will get to work on the logo design, based on the core values of your company. To complete the picture, you choose a complete matching corporate identity. Do you want a (new) logo? Then fill in the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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