Delivery & Take Away

Don’t lose revenue for your hospitality businesses!


These are uncertain times, nobody could have been prepared for. This certainly also impacts the hospitality industry. Bars & restaurants need to stay closed, many events are being canceled, people stay inside and hotel rooms are empty.
Nobody knows exactly how long this situation is going to last. Also, in these difficult times Loyals is there for you! Our team created a solution for your business, reservations keep coming in and employees can keep their jobs.

How?... Delivery & Take Away!
Our advice? Change your business model temporarily. This means creating a new target audience for your business. Take Away and maybe even delivery makes that you can stay in business during these times.
This business model might be totally new for you, but it is an ideal opportunity to keep your business running instead of fully closing.

Online ordering module
We build a new webpage with an online order module for your existing website. Your customers can order directly from the page. We integrate the new page fully in your existing webpage.
You can place your complete menu on the page, or maybe choose to create a special “Delivery” menu for your customers and place that on your new page.
Contact us for “Ordering module” price info.

To make it easier we already created 3 packages for you. All include different options. Choose the package that fits you and your business the most. After you choose your package we directly start working for you, meanwhile you can inform your clients, guests and business relations that you stay open for business! Don’t let them miss your kitchen!

Interested in more revenue, more relevant customers and an even stronger brand for your business? The online marketing services of Loyals can help you with that! Let’s start building!

Package A
Facebook| Instagram
8x Social Media Posts
FL. 1000,- / $ 560,- p.m.

Package B
Facebook| Instagram
10x Social Media Posts or,
8x Social Media Posts & Setup for campaign
FL. 1250,- / $ 700,- p.m.
Excl. advertising spend

Package C
New Landing page for your website| Ordering module
Landing page
Ordering module
FL. 1000,- / $ 560,-

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