Search engine optimization

We all want to get more visitors to our website. That starts with search engine optimization: in other words, adjust your website to rank higher in Google. And especially with certain keywords. Search engine optimization is incredibly important. Think about it... If you’re looking for a product or service, your search often starts with a search engine like Google, right? Online success relies on good findability.

Being found in search engines isn’t easy. Your website must be very relevant. There must be useful information on it. And in addition, you have to continuously carry out activities: optimize your website texts, place keywords in the right places, put internal and external links on your website. Everything to show Google that your website is interesting for that one particular search.

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is quite a mysterious subject. Your website will be assessed by search engines at various measurement points (algorithms). They mainly look at how easy your website is readable for search engines. Because they read very differently than people. They are robots. Not all measuring points are known, but a lot are. If we optimize your website on the basis of all these points, your website will get a huge boost. But beware: it’s important to see your website optimization as an ongoing process. Because algorithms change continuously.

Success starts at the foundation

Loyals ensures that your website is found more easily by your potential customers. We always check the current ranking of your website first. We look at the technical coding, relevant keywords, the structure and user-friendliness. In addition, we think one step ahead. Because getting your visitors to your website is one thing. Making sure that they actually act is something else. We can help you to entice your customers to action. We also call this conversion optimization.

Google Advertising (AdWords)

Google advertising (or SEA, Search Engine Advertising) works. You reach the right person at the right time in the right place. The basis of a Google AdWords account is often a Search Campaign. With this you will be found when someone searches for a specific topic. But setting up, managing and optimizing a Google AdWords account is really a specialty. Google's demands are becoming increasingly strict and competition is increasing. Advertising successfully on Google is no longer self-evident. Just as achieving a high position with a high bid per click. The quality of your ads and landing pages are more important than ever.

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