Video Marketing

Video is taking over. You won’t have failed to notice that mobile video content is dominating the internet. And that isn’t surprising, because people are very visual. You can use this versatile form of content for your marketing. When you use video marketing the right way, you leave a lasting impression on your target group. And you involve them as much as possible with your brand.

Video marketing is a powerful tool. It can be a very effective part of your strategy. Depending on the objectives you have as a company, we will help you determine the right course. For example, video marketing can contribute to increasing brand awareness, increasing engagement with your target group and generating leads.

They press play? They stay!

Video marketing offers the perfect opportunity to leave a lasting impression. It’s important that you tailor the type of video content and your message to your target audience. One target group responds better to funny short 30 seconds videos that trigger directly, while another target groups need more informative 40 minutes long how-to-videos.

When it comes to video marketing, you may be thinking of YouTube first. But Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Vimeo and Dailymotion also offer good opportunities for success. Here too, you adjust the channels to the target group and your objective.

Video marketing, this is how wit works

By advertising with video, you can quickly expand your reach and engage potential customers. When you advertise with your video, you can pay in multiple ways. With all options you only pay if the viewer takes action. For example:

  • Cost per View - You only pay when a viewer watches the video for more than 30 seconds or when the video is completely finished.
  • Cost per Click - You pay for a click on your video ad.
  • Cost per Mille - You pay per thousand impressions of your video.
  • When you’re advertising, select the right target group based on interests, subjects, age, gender, country or region and language. Your videos will only be shown to the target group of your company.

From a smart strategy to making the video - we are happy to help you.

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