Year after year email marketing has been the most effective marketing channel, with the highest return on investment. Email is in fact a very personal channel! For example, you can address the recipient with his or her first name. And what about measuring interest areas? This way you always send content that is tailored to your recipient, and they are much less likely to see your mails as "irritating spam".

Plenty of reasons to put your money on email marketing, because it is a powerful means to maintain the direct relationship with your customers and to reach prospects. No matter how big your database is, with the right email marketing tool and strategy you always make the content personal and relevant to the recipient.

Let's get personal


For us, Loyals is an important addition to business operations, because it is a young, flexible and dynamic company that is always proactive in coming up with, adopting and implementing (new) online opportunities. This means that we are unburdened in the field of e-marketing and we have been happy to host all websites, mailings and Google services at Loyals for a number of years.

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Bonding first, buying second

Email marketing can add value to every part of the customer journey. A lead is not always ready to make a purchase immediately. It’s important to first establish a relationship. Email marketing is ideal for this. Whether it's your brand awareness when they’re just getting to know you, or the final push with an automated shopping cart leaver campaign.

Email marketing can really contribute to anything. It has a huge advantage: it is measurable. You can see exactly where the recipient clicks (and provides tags so that you can segment by area of interest), how often the mail is opened and much more.

The advantages of Loyals email software

  • Create email designs quickly and easily with the drag-and-drop email editor
  • Send personalized emails
  • Getting more traffic to your website
  • Increase your turnover with fast and targeted marketing action(s)
  • Creating various target groups based on extensive segmentations
  • Insight into the interests of your customers
  • Immediately measurable what is clicked on
  • Automatic cleanup of your email database with "hard bounces"
  • Module on your website that allows visitors to easily register for your newsletter

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