Online Marketing
Master Class

Do you want to...

  • Get a proper overview and insight into how online marketing works?
  • Be up-to-date and better able to choose which methods you use when?
  • Embrace online marketing yourself and know how to encourage others to do the same?
  • Emphasise the fact that you can achieve your goals quicker, more effectively and cheaper with online marketing?

Then this Online Marketing Master Class will be right up your street. You will learn about all aspects of online marketing from one of our most experienced trainers. Do you want to know what our ambition is? That you put the topics you have learned into practice at the end of each training day. Simply because you are super enthusiastic and because you have learned how to start or to simply optimise.

Optimizing online marketing brings more relevant visitors to your website, for example, by means of search engine optimization, social media and online advertising. However, online marketing involves so much more. Providing a decent website and content not only ensures you will be found, but also that you actually convert visitors.

Do you want to learn how to optimize online marketing? And do you want practical tools and tips to get down to business straight away?

Register for our intense, three-day Online Marketing Master Class. This will teach you everything you need to know to effectively utilize and implement online marketing in the years to come.

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I was a bit sceptical to begin with – as an online marketeer with a few years of experience, you would think you would have picked up enough information about online marketing along the way, wouldn't you? But my expectations have been exceeded. Every lesson was just as informative (and enjoyable) as the last, with an interesting take on things. The practical tasks ensured that you could put the topics you had learned from the lesson into practice. All in all, I recommend this class if you really want to deepen your knowledge of online marketing and more importantly, just want to DO.

Suzanne - Online marketeer

Who is it for?

For (online) marketeers, entrepreneurs and professionals who are responsible or who want to be responsible for (online) marketing.

  • If you are none of the above, but you want to know:
  • What online marketing involves;
  • What the most important developments are and

How you can use online marketing to reach potential clients and convert them, then this Master Class will also be of interest to you.

What are we going to cover?

The programme is made up of the following sections:

Block 1 – Online marketing: From trends and developments to achieving business goals

We start the Master Class by introducing the different participants. Of course, we will look at individual learning objectives, but the common theme throughout this day (and the rest of the master class) will be shaped by the business goals of the organisations that are taking part. What else will we cover?

  • We will focus on key trends and developments in online marketing & what you can do with them. How can you incorporate these trends into your ambitions, goals and activities? Can a customer journey map help better identify the opportunities and threats? Or does an online sales funnel simply provide more guidance?
  • In addition to trends, key aspects of the master class and the mutual relationship between the sections will be introduced.
  • Another great little extra:  Once you have finished block 1, you will quickly be able to review the latest developments for practical relevance in the years to come.

Block 2 – Social media – the next step

Most companies make do when it comes to social media. It's a shame because you want your social media activities to contribute to your business goals. That is why we cover the following in block 2:

  • You will learn how social media can contribute to your business goals.
  • What social media activities are appropriate for achieving these goals
  • You will establish the basis for your own social media plan & learn how to analyse and optimize it
  • You will discover key tools that will help you do more with less time.

After this block, social media will be more fun, easier and more effective and you will motivate yourself and your colleagues to work more effectively with social media.

BLOCK 3 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Everyone knows it’s extremely important that your site features high up in the rankings on search engines like Google or Bing. But how do you go about this in 2018? Prior to this block, you will receive a SEO quick scan of your site, which Loyals has done.

And then? Let the SEO games begin! What we will be doing:

  • You will learn the basics of effective keyword research. What are the opportunities and how can you recognise them?
  • How can you benefit from a keyword search?
  • What needs to be properly organised in terms of technology and content and how do you do that?
  • What can you do now and in future in regard to making a difference to online findability?
  • Do you have enough properly optimized landing pages and relevant backlinks or are you going to differentiate yourself with cornerstone content and figuring out Google's RankBrain?

Block 4: Content marketing: from keywords to stories

Content marketing is an important part of online marketing. But what does this involve? This is a frequently asked question. During this block, we will cover every aspect of an effective content plan for the year ahead, step by step. We will introduce a simple method and different suggestions so that in future, you can:

  • Create content more easily
  • Be read more
  • Better connect to the goals.

In summary, not only will we discuss what you need to share, but also where and how you need to share it. The end result will be that you are able to continue shaping your complete content plan, implement it more effectively or (if you want) spend more time on it.

BLOCK 5 – Online advertising:

During this block, we will share key insights and lessons learned about online advertising. From advertising in a search engine (SEA) to advertising on a timeline on social media channels to display advertising. 

  • How do you reach people who are actively looking for your product or service?
  • How you reach latent searchers who know nothing about your existence?
  • Remarketing – is it highly annoying or simply relevant?
  • When do you use which tool?
  • What do you need to be aware of when making choices?

We will provide tips for advertising on Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and LinkedIn, but also explain what you need to consider when outsourcing campaigns to colleagues or external agencies.

We will delve deeper into programmatic advertising and real time bidding, the role of publishers, market places and the display networks of Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. By the end of block 5 you will know exactly how online advertising works.

Block 6 – Conversion optimization: From visitors to bookers

What is the focus of this block? Conversion. It's great if you already have visitors to your site, but how do you ensure that they actually do what you want them to do?

The first part focuses on data:

  • What can you learn from the data about your website visitors and social channels?
  • How do you make your online marketing activities measurable? 
  • How do you experiment with improving conversion?

The last section of the master class focuses on the opportunities of neuromarketing. What principles can you use to tempt visitors to do what you want them to do on your site, but also on social media and in your adverts.

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The master class will be run by Wilco Verdoold MSc NQL. He has been working online for more than 25 years, has twenty years’ experience as an advisor and lecturer, 15 years’ management experience and at Loyals, he is responsible for the Online Marketing department.

All in all, he has both up-to-date and extensive experience to answer all online marketing issues. Together with his colleague Marco Frijlink he wrote the book Zakelijke doelen bereiken met social media (Achieving social media goals), which was first published at the end of 2015 by the publisher Uitgeverij Business Contact. The book is now in its fifth print run and has been in the top 100 of for 250 days.


The course costs €1,650.00. This includes the course material as well as delicious coffee and tea if you want it and a hearty lunch.

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