The Netherlands Institute for Marketing (NIMA) has 4 person certifications: Registered Marketeer (RM), Qualified Lecturer (NQL), Senior Marketing Professional (SMP) and Senior Communication Professional (SCP). With these certifications you not only make clear that you are a highly qualified marketer who has the required quality, but also that you keep your expertise up-to-date.

Permanent Education (PE)

It is important that you as a marketer keep your marketing knowledge up-to-date. Do you have a NIMA certification? Then you have to achieve a number of PE points every year to show that you are working on your personal development on a commercial level. To keep your title, it is mandatory to get these points.

NIMA itself organizes about sixty events per year with which you can earn your points. In addition, there are a few other options to get your points - but only at organizations approved by NIMA. Loyals is one of them.

Currently it is possible to earn 20 PE points with our Masterclass Online Marketing for all 4 NIMA certifications.

Do you want to use another course in addition to the Masterclass Online Marketing to earn your PE points? Then contact us.

About NIMA

NIMA is the professional association and exam institute in the field of marketing, communication and sales. NIMA supports professionals in these fields during their career in the field of knowledge, professional skills, offers contact moments and inspiration. NIMA gives an indication of knowledge levels and work experience through exams and certification. The aim of NIMA is to enable each individual person with his / her personal growth and professional development in the course through different forms of learning and at any desired level.

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