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More than 10 million Dutch people are active on Facebook every month. From teenagers to pensioners, from road workers to directors. So, Facebook advertising is a huge opportunity. Facebook knows more about your interests than any other advertising platform through the profile information you enter, the pages you like and posts you share. That also includes your target group. You’ll be using your advertising budget as optimally as possible.

And advertising as a company is necessary nowadays. The algorithm of Facebook is changing. Personal messages from family and friends play an increasingly important role in this. This means that the organic reach of companies and brands is getting smaller. Yes, unfortunately even your relevant content gets a smaller range. Do you want more visibility with your company page? Then Facebook advertising is almost inevitable.

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The advantages of Facebook advertising

You can reach specific target groups with a perfectly tailored message. Do you have a local company? Then show your ad only to Facebook users in your area. Selling your exclusive industrial furniture through a webshop? You could target all users who like Loods 5.

Important to think about before you start advertising: what’s your advertising goal? Do you want people to go to your webshop? Do you want them to like your Facebook page? Or do you want your post liked or shared as much as possible? With Facebook advertising you choose the desired action yourself. This way you ensure that your advertisements contribute to achieving your business objectives.

A form of art

Advertising Facebook is a specialism. There are so many possibilities that a strong Facebook strategy is indispensable. Otherwise, there’s a good chance that your budget will be wasted or won’t work towards your business objectives. And that would be a shame. At Loyals we like to think of solutions with you. We set up ad campaigns for you in no time and monitor them. How to get the most out of Facebook ads? By using an overarching strategy. In which you use different channels and messages that reinforce each other. We will tell you more about this in The Road.

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