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Google advertising (or SEA, Search Engine Advertising) works. You reach the right person at the right time in the right place. The basis of a Google AdWords account is often a Search Campaign. With this you will be found when someone searches for a specific topic. But setting up, managing and optimizing a Google AdWords account is really a specialty. Google's demands are becoming increasingly strict and competition is increasing. Advertising successfully on Google is no longer self-evident. Just as achieving a high position with a high bid per click. The quality of your ads and landing pages are more important than ever.

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It all starts at the core

To help you achieve the maximum results with advertising with Google AdWords, we start by formulating a strong strategy. In this strategy we determine the goals you want to achieve with Google advertising, and where you are now. We also discuss the budget and advise on certain keywords to advertise. What is your target group looking for? That is important to know. A small adjustment sometimes makes a big difference: for example, whether you write a word separately or together.

Measuring is the way to grow

We also measure your advertising results so that we can adjust quickly and optimally. We continue to improve your advertisements together, until we find the way that works perfectly for your target group. Once we know what this is, we make more similar ads. This is how we aim for success. In addition, you will receive a monthly report on the performance of your website and of the AdWords campaign. You will know exactly what we are doing and what results we have achieved for you. Very nice. Of course you can always contact our specialists in the meantime.

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