Online Hybrid Events

Events in 2020 will look a little different


A cooperation between the video department, the event department and the development department allowed various online events to take place as ‘normal’. Just in a slightly adapted form. However with great and surprising results! As the rules are slowly easing up we look towards the future and can help you with a hybrid form of events.

Loyals has many different in-house specialists from all kinds of disciplines. This allows unique combinations to work together seamlessly. Here are just a few examples in what we have to offer:


We are experienced in live registration during large events, so it was a quick and easy change for us to start working on virtual events. Working from the customer’s head office, or even our own. Events can include pre-recorded videos, whereas others are completely live registration with a director making the calls. From the CEO’s home office, to the marketing employees study. We have also used studios, which offer the possibilities to combine presentation and live directing from one central area. To sum up, the possibilities are endless. Even in restricted times.

  • Live directing
  • Directing on location
  • Floor manager
  • Streaming
  • Pre-recorded sessions

 Web development

Development of own platform ensuring safety and convenience are guaranteed.

  • Personal login in for participants
  • Information about the event
  • Possibility to (re)watch the sessions after the event
  • Community
  • Send in question before and during the livestream

We also provide our own webservers for live connections.


 Our event specialists are keen to share their event expertise with you. This is especially useful in the preliminary phase when creating the concept. But also during the recording of the show components prior to the live event or even on the day of the live event. We are also experienced in the production of special event boxes. It’s a package complete with even branding and filled with goodies with can be used during the event. How about you have all of the participants receive their own personalised party hat or even catering delivered right to their front door for during the event.


  • Event concept
  • Production
  • Event goodie bags
  • Catering
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