Achieve business goals
with Social Media

This workshop will teach you about achieving your business goals. And in particular, how to do so using social media. As a minimum, the following topics will be dealt with:

  • What are the most important business goals for the near future?
  • What social media activities are appropriate to achieving these goals?
  • What social channels are the most important in your case?
  • What content is interesting to your target group and with what degree of frequency?
  • How do you encourage your staff to use social media in the interests of your organization?
  • What tools could best be used and how do you set them up?


We will help you to define your business goals. Which social media platforms do you use to achieve them? What activities do you do to generate more leads, retain existing clients or work on your brand awareness and reputation? 

Following on from this, you will create a content strategy. This will inspire you and keep you on the right track. Therefore, what content (text, images, videos) do you use on which social media channel? How often do you share content? We will of course give you advice about this based on our marketing experience. How do you respond if your company is being talked about online?

Finally, we will make your content strategy specific, i.e. we provide you with the tools to organise everything properly. Set the rules with your colleagues, choose tools to publish content and decide how you will monitor feedback. 

Who is it for?

The workshop is mainly aimed at managers, marketeers and consultants. These are people who have direct or indirect responsibility for achieving (sales) targets and who want to know how to use social media to do this. Examples include:

  • Marketing managers who want to approach their target group more effectively;
  • Brand managers who want a better grasp of their online brand experience;
  • HR managers who want to recruit more effectively;
  • Consultants who want to develop their own online profile etc.


The workshop will be run by Wilco Verdoold MSc NQL and/or Marco Frijlink. They combine up-to-date knowledge of and experience with online marketing activities with many years of management experience, understand the issues you encounter and can effectively apply the topics to your situation. At the end of 2015, they published the book Zakelijke doelen bereiken met social media (Achieving business goals with social media) with the publisher Uitgeverij Business Contact; the book is now in its sixth print run and can be purchased at any time from

Duration and location

The workshop takes two half-days and will be held at an accessible location at the heart of the Netherlands.


The costs are €475.00 per person excluding VAT, including refreshments and lunch. The maximum number of participants is 16.

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