If your company has outgrown the look and feel of your brand, it's time for a rebranding. In other words: repositioning your brand. Changes happen very quickly, and it’s important to keep up. Certainly with your corporate identity, because it only has a limited shelf life. Together we dive into your brand and look at the values and brand identity again. Once we have a clear picture we really get started. And then it’s full steam ahead to a whole new look & feel that fits your brand. Sometimes these are minor changes, sometimes we go large. But we always go for branding that fits better with the core of your company. 

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Design styles change every year. Colour combinations, fonts and logos of ten or even five years ago are out of date. Not only that, the identity of your company continues to develop. Because brands are born, grow and change. There’s a good chance that your initial branding no longer fits your company. And that’s a shame, because your brand is not performing at its maximum strength.

What do we tackle during the rebranding? That’s different for every situation. An example of the possibilities: a new brand name, logo, font, colours, website, business cards, company clothing, packaging and so on.

When is rebranding necessary?

Even when you enter new markets, it’s sometimes necessary to opt for rebranding. For example, when you are going international. In that case, brand names must be easy to pronounce in every language. And did you know that symbols, names and colours have different meanings in different cultures? You don’t want your brand name to evoke unwanted associations abroad.

Will your company merge or is there a takeover? It’s necessary to make a decision about the branding. For example, whether you choose to create a new brand or to build on an existing brand. New management is also a great opportunity for rebranding. Often the strategy and vision of a company changes in that case. And a brand must always reflect the strategy and vision.

It’s not very common, but not inevitable: a bad company reputation. This can be caused by an awkward communication that has been picked up by (social) media, financial problems or something else. Rebranding can - after solving the problem that caused the bad reputation - be a good choice in this case.

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