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“Brand is the promise we make. Customer Experience is the promise we keep.”

– Darren Kernahan

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Loyals Group is a group of entrepreneurs who want to move forward faster.

A group that exists for entrepreneurs who want to move forward faster.

Behavior comes from what we think, feel, want, can and find. In an organization you want the behavior of the employees to serve the goals of the organization. We know hands-on what it takes to not only formulate your brand promise correctly, but also to do it in such a way that you can consistently deliver on it. This is how a brand promise becomes a brand experience. We do this for ourselves, but also for our partners and relations. Practice what your preach!

Consistency in all touchpoints
An identical brand experience and -feeling between the brand and the recipient. This means that every aspect of the customer experience, from the first interaction with the brand to the purchase and use of the product or service, must match the promise the brand makes.

There are several elements that can help with this, such as:

  • Branding: Make sure the brand’s visual identity, such as the logo, colors and typography, is consistent across all communication channels and touchpoints.
  • Tone-of-Voice: Ensure brand language (content, copy) and brand message is consistent across all communications, such as advertising, website, social media, customer service, etc.
  • Product or service: Make sure that the product or service itself lives up to the brand’s promise. This means that the product or service must meet the needs and wishes of the customer and meet the quality standards promised by the brand.
  • Customer experience: Make sure the customer experience is in line with the brand promise. This means that every touchpoint between the brand and the consumer should be designed to provide a positive and consistent experience, from the website to customer service.

By providing consistency in every aspect of the customer experience, a brand can deliver on its promise. This is how we create a strong brand experience that attracts and binds customers.


Our Branding & Experience services are the solution for companies, marketing departments, IT managers and/or (corporate) start-ups that are looking for a translation of the brand into a catchy brand promise and a brand experience that leads to ambassadors. Loyals Group can help with:

  • Storyboarding
  • Guerilla marketing
  • Brand Identity
  • Creative concepting
  • VR and emersive digital experiences
  • Copywriting
  • Product Video’s
  • Brandmovies
  • Live event registratie en aftermovies
  • Webseries
  • Videostudio rental
  • Hybrid events
  • Livestreams
  • Channel- and traffic management


Our holistic approach starts with a first look at the organization itself. Because only when you know who you are and what your goals are, you can identify the right target audience and offer a brand experience in the right way. Following this inventory we outline and define your custom made brand strategy. We also finetune who we need to reach, within what context and what constitutes a real brand experience within that context.

The creation of a creative concept and associated campaign framework then takes place in a targeted, strategic and tactical manner with a combination of content production, media purchasing, channel preparation and other relevant activities. For example, if guerrilla marketing is part of the strategy, Loyals Group also takes care of the production of the physical resources. Everything to not only deliver your  state of the art brand experience, but also to ensure your Loyals Group customer experience is outstanding!

Loyals Group’s in-house expertise ranges from strategy to concept, and from content production to digital access. This way we can satisfy every aspect of your service needs from a one-stop-shop principle. The approach is always tailored to your brand and your situation so that the output performs optimally and so that the right emotion is conveyed to your target audience.

No matter what your ambitions may be, it starts with getting to know and exploring your situation, ambitions and goals. Depending on what has already been realized and how useful that is we provide a production approach that delivers exactly what you want to present.


  • A distinctive and appealing brand identity
  • Brand values and behavioral compass
  • Your brand story
  • Brand- and marketing visuals and brand copy that cannot be ignored
  • Creative Campaign concepts
  • Campaign strategy & campaign frameworks
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • CX persona insights
  • Marketing Calendar
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