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Digital & Growth Marketing

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

– John Wanamaker

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As a growth and performance-driven marketing specialist, Loyals Group disagrees with the statement above. It is no longer true that marketing and advertising budgets have to be used unconsciously. Focused on concrete conversions, leads and results, Loyals Group develops marketing strategies and translates them into impactful growth marketing, supported by data.

With the continuous growth of the digital world and the enormous amount of data available, it becomes more and more important to address your audience in a personalized way. Loyals Group helps you to include that personal and creative note in your marketing strategy. Resulting in significantly improved conversion rates and better customer loyalty.

Our Digital and Performance Marketing services are thé solution for companies, marketing departments, IT managers and/or (corporate) start-ups looking for a quick and measurable return on investment with a limited marketing budget.

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Loyals Group can also help with:

  • Brand strategy
  • Campaign strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Customer Experience
  • Competition analysis
  • Brand Identity
  • Content calendar
  • UX design
  • (brand) website(s)
  • Conversion optimization
  • Target group identification
  • Display advertising
  • Social advertising
  • Email marketing
  • SEO & SEA
  • Setup analytics & dashboarding
  • Channel and traffic management
  • Creative concepting
  • Content and media production

Our digital and performance marketing approach leads to maximum results with minimal overhead. The approach is based on the growth marketing method. Your marketing or conversion goal is central, data is at your service.


We match our speed and way of working with your own pace and ambition. Throttling our activities to your needs, we follow a cycle of analyzing data, identifying new ideas / hypotheses, prioritizing the best ideas (lowest effort, highest potential), testing / validating, and embedding the validated optimizations in the campaigns. For example, the cycle could be biweekly.

Source data comes from ongoing campaigns and external sources (target group research, media trends, A/B testing in marketing channels, personalization applications). And of course from your own teams and experts and their insights from the working practice.


  • Insight into your target audience
  • An optimal and relevant brand message
  • Appealing creative brand expressions and campaign concepts
  • Hands-on support for your (digital) marketing team
  • Real-time insight into the performance and ROI of marketing budget in your personalized dashboards
  • Measurable conversions and results such as leads, requests, downloads, registrations or subscriptions
  • Rapid validation of a new business case, product proposition, service strategy, process innovation or positioning for your brand
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