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“The peak efficiency of knowledge and strategy is to make conflict unnecessary”

– Sun Tzu (544 BC – 496 BC)

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Loyals Group helps you with strategic insight and knowledge that helps you move forward faster and smarter – operationally, tactically and strategically.

We do this by always working from the question: when is insight really relevant and practically applicable? Such insight – preferably validated with data – enables you to take management decisions quickly, resulting in substantiated action plans and strategically achieving your desired result. In turn the applied strategy generates new and measurable results supporting further optimization and strategic decision making.

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Contact us as well for services such as

  • Brand Strategy Workshops
  • Future Thinking Workshops
  • Inspiration Sessions
  • Customer Experience / Journey mapping
  • Workflow audit
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digitale Transformation
  • Growth Scan
  • Conversion Optimization
  • SEO audit / quickscan
  • Design Sprint
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Hackathon


Strategy and insight do not magially come falling into anyone’s lap out of the blue. Every case, customer, target group and objective has its own nuances and context that determine strategy – ánd success. Depending on your situation, ambitions and possibilities, we provide tailor-made advice.

It always starts with genuine interest and curiosity. With that – and with you – our powerhouse gets to work with a combination of creativity, technology and strategic innovative power. This can take the form of research, workshops, setting up measuring instruments, prototyping and validation, or innovating and optimizing in iterations. Inspiration sessions and workshops on innovation or future thinking are also possible.

The result is strategic insight and advice that is truly applicable to your situation and ambitions. Whether they are big or small.

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