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“We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.”

– Carl Sagan (1934 – 1996)

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As rapidly as technology advances, as important it is to have an IT development- and implementation partner that has technology at its heart and DNA. Only then can you decide what works best for you, when having to decide between state-of-the-art developments such as DXP, API-first, headless, MACH architecture, microservices, best of breed, multisite, multichannel, adaptive and responsive.

Based on the latest technology and development standards we provide a design that performs optimally in terms of user-friendliness (User Experience) and speed. With modern technology we realize a future-proof and scalable digital product that optimally serves your target group – on any device and any screen size. And from our management and hosting SLAs, we monitor performance and security and provide proactive advice to ensure that your digital product continues to function properly.

Tech expertises Loyals Group

The broad technology knowledge and expertise of Loyals Group helps you move forward faster with the technological possibilities of today and tomorrow. So that you can focus on your business and your expertise.


Contact us for services & expertise on topics such as;

  • Digital Design
  • Brand websites
  • Webshops & e-commerce solutions
  • Digital transformation
  • Replatforming
  • Workflow robots
  • Workflow automation
  • Self service portals & customer platforms
  • Mobile- & hybrid applications
  • Integrations
  • Migrations
  • Hosting, maintanance, technical support and SLA’s


Digital Design
You only get one chance to make a first impression. Loyals works from a combination of well-thought-out customer journey inventory and strong design aesthetics to ensure that your visitors become genuinely enthusiastic about your website, webshop or web application. If desired, beforehand in a test lab or afterwards with analytics tooling, we test the digital and interactive prototype to ensure user experience and performance. Regardless of the screen, device or context of use.

Brand Websites
Want to be successful with your company? Virutally no company can do that without with a technically well-functioning website that fits your brand identity. Ideally one that either converts visitors to leads and customers, or one that in other ways drives the digital engagement your business needs. To help you with that, we develop state-of-the-art brand websites. If applicable, we integrate these effortlessly with other software and applications – for example your webshop or customer portal. Everything to ensure that your website helps your business succeed as intended.

Webshops and e-commerce solutions
Loyals Group helps you with your e-commerce platform or webshop including all the neccessities like Payment Service Provider integration, stock management, support for multiple currencies, multilingualism, logistics integration, invoicing, marketing tools and analysis. Thanks to a user-friendly Saas (like Shopify) or self-hosted open source (like CrafCMS or Magento) software and smart integrations with your logistics, finance and other IT solutions, managing and running your e-commerce platform is child’s play!

Workflow robots and workflow automation
Get rid of the Excels, retyped timesheets and manual work orders! Loyals Group digitizes and transforms for more strength and scalability of your company. For example, we realize workflow automation and workflow robots that make the work of your people easier and increase customer satisfaction. Request a workflow audit today and gain insight into the digitization opportunities for your company.

Digital transformation and replatforming
Have you already digitized but is that digitization slowing down instead of accelerating? Then it’s time for Loyals Group! We help you with your digital transformation by transforming your current situation and ways of working in harmony into new digitally optimized business operations. We call that replatforming – the Loyals way.

Portals and platforms
For the companies of tomorrow, offering self-service options for your customers is no longer optional but expected. Loyals Group helps you today with the possibilities of tomorrow with portal-, platform- and multichannel solutions, integrated with your digital software landscape. From customer self service portals to Digital Experience Platform (DXP) solutions – we support your business in all operational platform needs. From logistics to order management and management of your media and content – across all digital channels.

Mobile and hybrid applications
Mobile Apps, Web Apps and Business Applications are of great value when one or more of the following circumstances exist;

  1. There is a certain level of repetetive task or behaviour
  2. Personalization applies, based on behavior, location or user profile
  3. The app lowers the threshold for using a service for example by eliminating bothersome login- or configuration needs


Loyals Group develops mobile, desktop and hybrid applications that bring digital working within reach of every employee, target group or customer. We do this both in the native programming languages ​​and in hybrid development frameworks such as React Native.

Integrations and Migrations
Our software architects have extensive experience with enterprise-level software and application architecture design and implementation. From simple API connections to MACH architecture – our specialists always look to the future to ensure that your portal or platform can grow with your company and new possibilities. For example, to link with new or existing software solutions such as ERP, PIM, payment solutions and more. Of course our capabilities include migration services to ensure that your data history is preserved.


Discover (land)
In all cases it starts with getting to know you and exploring your situation, ambitions and goals. We are happy to dive into your world and any available (analytics) data. We also like to use plans or designs that have already been realized – we prefer not to reinvent the wheel unless this helps your project. Depending on what has already been outlined and defined, and depending on how applicable that work is, we provide a design-, development- and implementation approach that delivers exactly the digital product you need.

Design & impact analysis (expand)
We create clickable models ranging from lo-fi wireframes to hi-fi interactive digital prototypes, to ensure that the structure, layout, navigation and functionalities of the new website, webshop or web application are completely correct. These wireframes describe the construction of the digital product and provide a clear overarching view of how all pages and other elements are connected. For the end user, the navigation must of course appear as logical as possible, so using the prototype we test the concepts and designs with the end-user.

Always keeping the needs and experience of the user at the forefront, we proceed to outline the perfect functional- technical- and digital design. We design with a goal: shaping an idea, creating impact and creating an experience. This is where technology, strong copy, branding and visual design come together. We provide a spot-on design, matching your identity and directly appealing to your visitors. Our IT consultants provide recommendations based in impact analysis (calculation) to ensure your project is delivered within budget.

Develop – test – optimize (accelerate)
Our software development services are optimized to deliver consistent, high-quality, reliable, secure and scalable software solutions. We achieve this through strict quality assurance procedures, such as testing, code reviews, and continuous monitoring. Our ISO27001 certified procedures and our ‘privacy by design’ standard also guarantee information security and DGPR / AVG compliance.

Our teams prefer to work agile scrum with the aim of always delivering a maximum valuable product (the Minimum Viable or Lovable Product) with minimal time and costs. From testing with users and your team members we iteratively optimize the solution to launch a production-worthy quality product.

From software development to hosting, domain name, maintenance, support and monitoring – Loyals Group helps you accelerate. Some of our management services;

  • Maintenance – preventive, corrective, adaptive and innovative maintenance updates for your software
  • Helpdesk – 24/7 online helpdesk and always the availability of someone to provide personal support
  • Security advisory services – including penetration testing and vulnerability scans
  • Monitoring – digital monitoring services for performance and uptime including dashboarding
  • Managed Hosting – both public and private cloud and data center


The service desk is also available for our SLA customers outside office hours. Ask about our XLA service contracts for the certainty of continuity with these care-free contracts.


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