Meet our Loyal Anique

Anique is one of the four Loyals founders. A fixer with a 'getting-things-done' mentality. She is the type that worries about a crooked candle, too many spaces in a text, hand-painted plates and perfect bows. Actually, she never finishes perfecting her work. The type that always has a cloth in her hand. And that’s a good thing, because she guides your campaigns and produces the events. No details escape her attention. That’s annoying for colleagues sometimes, but very good for the customer. She’s always willing to help with anything. That’s why you will see her in some of our brochures!

Anique loves making fire, all kinds of food, measuring tapes, powertools, sneakers and high heels. She’s one of our influencers online with almost 10 thousand followers on Instagram. And if you ever need anything from her, we recommend something culinary. It’ll be good.

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