Meet our Loyal Anke

As a project manager, Anke keeps all her projects running like clockwork. With her creative input she ensures that the progress and quality of the project runs smoothly. And a good project starts with... a good big cup of coffee!

Anke already has a lot of experience with media, where she worked for impressive companies such as 3FM, FunX and MTV. Now you'll think she knows the current top 40 by heart, right? Ask her about the bad Christmas hits top 100 and you have a better chance ... ;-) 

As creative as she is at work, she is at home too. In her spare time, she likes to upholster furniture, work on woodwork or develop 3D drawings for her home. You can definitely say that the City workshop in Utrecht is her second home!  

Fun fact: Don't doubt yourself if you have to introduce yourself to Anke twice. She is just a little bad at remembering names and faces. Nice to meet you, twice! 

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