Meet our Loyal Annabel

Annabel is an invaluable member of our team. Annabel joined the Loyals team as a trainee in development, but she soon turned out to have a lot more passion for design and so the switch was made.

Annabel is a real team player, one who dares to ask for advice to ensure that the best result is achieved. In addition, she’s always cheerful and willing to lend a hand. Whether something has to be delivered, or she can offer support elsewhere. Annabel will do it! Something not many people will know (and we got this from reliable sources) is that Annabel was a Dutch dance champion. She has never really talked about this herself. What she does talk about is her fascination with purchase stamps, she fills up her stamp booklets one after the other. If you ask her about it, she will explain it so enthusiastically, you’d almost think she came up with the idea herself.

Annabel passed her driving test recently, but despite that she still likes to get on her bike. Unless the weather isn’t great, she’ll quickly get on a bus, because she only likes nice weather. In addition to dancing, cycling and buying stamps, Annabel also likes to exercise, but only if nobody’s watching. A joint gym session is not an option.

Striking fact:

Annabel has very small feet. We sometimes wonder how she does not fall over in her size 35’s.

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