Front-end Development

Meet our Loyal Arjan

As a Front-end developer at Loyals, you naturally have to take responsibility for Loyals on the technical side of the front-end. And this is what Arjan does, while enjoying a good cup of coffee and some motivating music. Only this way he easily converts a design into a code!

After a day at Loyals you will regularly find Arjan in the gym or on the korfball field. If Arjan is not playing sports, you will find him outside shooting beautiful pictures. Yes... Arjan also likes to sit still! He is always in for a movie or series on the couch. Until the moment the pager goes off. Then Arjan lets everything go and strengthens himself as a volunteer at the fire brigade of Vinkeveen!

Arjan's motto: "We don't have problems, but we do have challenges!"

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