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A good project manager has certain characteristics. You’ll need someone who can offer a listening ear, is organisationally strong, proactive and has an eye for detail. In other words: meet Chelsea! As project manager for Loyals Offline & Events, she works hard every day to ensure that everything runs smoothly. From keeping track of schedules to switching between the different departments of Loyals. Chelsea never gets bored with us.

When her work at Loyals is done, the planning still continues. She loves to plan a night with her friends and at least once a year she justs packs a suitcase to go and discover a new country.

In all the hustle and bustle Chelsea occasionally seeks peace and quiet at home. Spending an evening on the couch in her pyjamas is also one of her favourite things to do. And if you really want to make her happy? Some fresh pizza is the answer!

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