Back-end Developer

Meet our loyal dave

Dave is one of the guys ‘behind the screens’. He started as a back-end developer intern and is now a full-time Loyal. Are you experiencing any problems with your website out of nowhere? Dave will come to your rescue!  He loves to help fix your website and add the newest features to it.

In his free time Dave loves to spend his time behind his computer, gaming or programming. In addition, he is also a real aviation fanatic! He even has his own flight simulator at home, which he uses to ‘’fly’’ to Schiphol to look at the newest airplanes, at least once a week.

At Loyals Dave is known for his t-shirts. Almost daily he will wear a funny new t-shirt that has a joke on it, that only programmers will get. For the rest of us, it just seems like difficult developers code ;)

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