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meet our loyal densay

Densay is a Growth Hacker who started his career at start-ups. He is constantly experimenting and looking for new ways to make progress. He is an SEO and conversion optimization specialist, but he is not yet learned: his goal is to be a specialist in all Google systems such as SEA, Google Tag Manager and Google Optimize within 3 years.

His average day consists of setting up and optimizing Google Ads. Optimizing blogs with keywords, scanning websites to discover problems so he can increase conversion through A/B testing.

Densay comes from Aruba and came to live in the Netherlands when he was 20 to study. His passions consist of photography of street art, kayaking at sea and bodyboarding. His favourite artist? Salvador Dalí! This artist pushed the boundaries of the artistic norm and strived for artistic innovation by using unorthodox methods. And that is exactly how Densay approaches his work!

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