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Meet our loyal Djamila

Djamila - or as everyone says: Djay - is the strategic brain of Loyals Caribbean. Djamila's heart beats faster with everything that has to do with strategic thinking. It's not about the means, but about the purpose and for what it serves. Do you want to determine your goals, position your brand or do you need a successful online marketing strategy? Better call Djay! With over 30 years of experience in the Netherlands and in the Caribbean, she knows exactly what she is talking about.

A working day starts at Djamila with 4 cup of coffees. Not that she drinks all 4, but because she drops the first 3 by thinking about how to achieve the marketing goals. Once these have been thought of, it's lit! Then she goes on to manage her team and shares her knowledge and experience with love, because: 'True leaders, create leaders.'

As creative as she is at work, she is so creative in everyday life. Doing fun things, travelling, going out; Allow Djamila to think it through, that's what she's best at!

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