Meet our Loyal Gillian 

Gillian is aware of what is currently happening, being developed and what will be released. She has the biggest ideas and would like to implement them immediately. Gillian is responsible for the larger assignments and comes up with the most diverse concepts for this. She doesn’t mind going through the night to make sure everything is arranged for an event.

Need a good plan or clear concept? Gill is the perfect match and is happy to accept any challenge! What can you expect from Gill? She’s creative, funny, direct and on point. She inspires her colleagues through her perseverance and always ensuring that the quality is on point.

Good music makes Gillian happy, if she really likes a song she likes to repeat it all day long. What doesn’t make her happy? Strange noises and dishonest people. Gill likes to work hard but also likes to sleep a lot.  She functions better in the evening than in the morning.

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