Project Managent, Planning & Support

Meet our loyal Hannah

If you want a successful project, Hannah is an indispensable team member. And it doesn't stop there: from scheduling colleagues, to managing the support box, just lending a hand or just having a nice conversation ... You can actually go to Hannah for everything! In recent months she has fully devoted herself to organizing hybrid events, with success!

Communication is key! That's one of the concepts Hannah often deals with. If she is not constantly in conversation with colleagues about their planning and deadlines, she is there for the customer to provide support. It is precisely the variation that gives Hannah extra energy.

Dining out, having drinks or going to the cinema? Hannah will always come along! If she does cancel, it is probably because she is busy with her other hobby: making clothes herself. No, Mr. Ford, Hannah will just stay with us. ;-)

Fun fact: Hannah has English roots and thus lives on sarcasm and tea. I don't drink coffee, I'll like tea my dear ..

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