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Meet our Loyal Jasper

Jasper started out as a marketing intern at Loyals and now runs around as online marketeer. Jasper mostly keeps busy with content and social advertising. But also loves to learn about the different areas of online marketing, to bring some variety to his day.

During the week you can find Jasper in the gym or on the football field. But during the weekend he prefers to spend his time eating and having a drink with friends. Which gives him a great excuse to go back to the gym the following week. Jasper is always up for funny GIFs and is a big music lover. But, please don’t let him sing for you.. We know from our own experience that you will regret asking. 

At the office, Jasper is known as someone who almost never says no to anything. He is always ready to help one of his colleagues and will not stop until it is solved or adjusted. 
Fun fact: Jasper cooks for a fellow Loyal almost daily.. Can you guess who?  

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