meet our loyal Jeffrey

Creative, attention for details and super-fast with Adobe. Those are the three qualities that a good designer has. Guess what… Jeffrey has it. On daily basis, Jeffrey designs banners, logo’s, champagne presentations, A0-boards and more. Just ask for a creative expression and Jeffrey will design it for you!

 Jeffrey has already 10 years of experience as a product designer, so he definitely knows what he is doing!

Versatile at the office, but Jeffrey is also very busy when is not on the office. He likes to paint, sports (Triathlon), or loves to take walks in the nature. You can easily say that he doesn't like to sit back and relax.

Many hobby’s! But his biggest hobby at this moment is giving the bottle to his newborn son Tommy!

Luckily, Jeffrey has always been an early morning person and doesn’t complain when he needs to wake up at 5 a.m. in the Morning… You rock, dad!

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