Meet our Loyal Jerry

The alpha wolf in the pack. He ensures that the group atmosphere is pleasant and that everyone has enough material to keep growing. He is genuinely interested in people and it will surprise you how many personal details he remembers when you share stories with him. You will feel at home with this involved and caring family-man!

Driven and enthusiastic, Jerry always has his eye on new opportunities for our clients and for his companies. Entrepreneurship is good for him. It’s his biggest hobby and gives him energy. Jerry can also make others work from their strength and passion. And we can tell you that’s very motivating!

Because innovation and renewal are key to growth, Jerry makes sure he’s always up-to-date on all developments in the field of entrepreneurship and marketing. He closely follows several gurus, including his great hero Gary Vaynerchuk.

Be sure to share your goals with Jerry, because with his creativity and quick thinking he sets you off in the right direction. With a good combination of online, offline and events, he finds a way to make your investment profitable. And after the business meeting, he’s always open to having a drink. Who knows what ideas will come up.

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