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meet our loyal jessica

Curious to learn? That's Jessica! She gets super enthusiastic about everything that has to do with code. Whether it's a hobby project with a Raspberry Pi, Arduino or a cool website where she can apply her front-end skills. She only stops when it really works, no matter how big the challenge. Through her perfectionism and eye for design, she makes sure she makes every website shine.

She bakes cakes regularly and has an entire zoo at home: Chickens, cats and fish. She can't sing, but loves karaoke and at a party she is one of the first to rejoice the audience with her singing. In her spare time she tours with the motorbike, makes the neighbours happy with her drumkit or she can be found at a party in the neighbourhood.

Fun fact: Jessica is a board member of Motorclub Zevenhoven and has bungee jumped at an altitude of 60 meters.

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