Managing Partner

Joey has run Loyals Caribbean since January 2019. He previously co-owned the Pocketmenu label. A marketing agency focused on the hospitality industry. He has worked intensively with Loyals since 2017 and that connection has always been great. So, when we asked him to run the office in Curaçao, he didn't have to think long about it. The next day he gave his word and within a week he flew with Youri, Bram and Tex to Curaçao. Now he and his colleagues ensure that the team and the clients grow strongly. This team works for beautiful “A” brands and tough entrepreneurs within the Caribbean and Suriname.

Joey is a hard-working colleague, who likes to bring structure and clarity to the team. He is enthusiastic and Loyal and sometimes a bit impatient. In his spare time, he is really social. He is always up for a drink and a bite to eat with friends. On Sundays he likes to go sailing and preferably sea fishing.

Do you have a nice idea, do you want to know more about Loyals or just want to have a nice drink together send him a message!

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