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Meet our loyal joris

Joris is very focused on goals and he expresses this in his job. He is specialized in Google Ads and during the day he makes decisions based on data, to get as much as possible from websites and webshops of customers.

In addition to above, he tries to get the most out of his life. Joris really is one of the carpe diem enthusiasts. He loves to travel. Journeys from Amsterdam to Tokyo, nothing is too crazy for him. And guess what, he has already booked his next trip.

If Joris still has some time left, you can see him pass by on his motorcycle. He can be recognized by his bight orange helmed. It may be that Joris is on his way to the golfcourse to hit a ball or to the sports club to take a lesson in Thai Boxing. So make sure you watch out for Joris!

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