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Meet our Loyal Lisanne

Looking for someone who can help you with Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Facebook Advertising, to name but a few? Lisanne is your girl! In addition, she likes to learn more and more about online marketing from all her Loyal colleagues. Lisanne is a hard worker you can have a laugh with. She doesn’t shy away from a challenge: she didn’t move from the Netherlands to Sint Maarten and to Curaçao for nothing. She sits in front of her laptop and gets started. She loves diving too! Preferably while on one of her trips in a hot country. She doesn’t shy away from taking an exam here and there, and on Fridays you’ll find her at Chill (a bar on Curaçao). She’ll probably have an Amstel Bright in her hand and her feet in the sand. She rarely says 'no' and she won’t be defeated; if it doesn’t work one way, try another. She is also a bit stubborn.

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