Meet our Loyal Liz

Liz is Creative Director at Loyals Curaçao. She started at the Junior Academy in Amsterdam, full of ambition, and has now built up a creative and qualitative track record. Since 2009 she has been able to develop herself into an art director, who has an eye for detail and knows how to get the best out of her client and the company she works for. She is always open to new challenges. Because in addition to her seniority in Art direction she can also manage a team. In recent years she has been part of the Management Team at her former employer, Grow Forest Grow!  

Her calm, self-assured but low-threshold nature is an immediate "ice breaker" when it comes to networking. Liz loves a chat and knows many people in many different branches. On Curaçao she is a well-known player in the field and she knows how to reel in big and small companies and bring the right people together. Because in the end, it's only about one thing... achieving results. A real go-getter and therefore an asset to Loyals Caribbean!

And oh yes, besides the creative aspect, she is also very active. She can be found in the Crossfit box three times a week. Hence the nickname 'Xena The Warrior Princess. Princess is meant to be ironic of course.

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