Meet our Loyal Melissa

We got to know Melissa on Curaçao, where she enjoyed the sun for 4.5 years. Here she became a fixture for Loyals Caribbean. Now she is one of our strengths as a UX and UI designer.

Her passion and talent lies in design and her perfectionism fits in well with this. When Melissa is busy with a website design or other media outlets, time flies and she forgets that she is working.

Melissa prefers to go to a party every weekend, where she does not miss a glass of wine. She compensates for the drinks by doing some boxing during the week, taking a long walk or joining our bootcamps early in the morning. She is one of the few who (almost) never skips a workout! Whether she still longs for a tropical sunny day on Curaçao every now and then, when it is cold and rainy here in the Netherlands? You can fill it in yourself ... ;-)

Fun fact: Melissa secretly eats Olvarit fruit snacks from time to time.


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