Meet our loyal Rodger

Sincere, cheerful and always striving for the best result. That’s Rodger in a nutshell. You could definitely say that those are the perfect qualities for a good account manager! Do you have specific goals for your company? Then Roger is your man! He likes to tell you how Loyals helps you achieve your goals. He does this mainly in ‘his’ registration Den Hague-Rotterdam.

A day with Rodger always starts with an interne call with the commercial team. Then he completes different tasks before he talks to 1 or 2 to costumers.  When Rodger doesn’t have any costumers, he likes to visit events. But no worries, the agenda is always filled. Because He is always looking for more opportunities for Loyals.

When he is done with work. Rodger enjoys himself with his little son Matt or gives football training for the youth. But he also does a lot of other things like: Playing on the tennis court, biking on a mountainlike on the dunes, standing on a festival and visiting beaches… A Busy person never had time to be unhappy, right?

Although we think ‘age is just a number’, Rodger is the oldest of the whole Loyals team.  


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