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Meet our loyal thijs

Thijs is the brand strategist of Loyals. And you might be wondering: a brand strategist? Yes. A brand strategist is someone who can take any message that a client wants to convey and turns that message into logical communication towards their customers. 

Thijs is always up for a chat and he can totally agree with the slogan: 'cut the crap'. On this way, he is also known within Loyals. If someone asks him for his help, he doesn't hesitate for a second. That's fellowship! 

In his free time, Thijs likes to go out with his family, watch the latest movies and series and he can watch fail compilations for hours. That last thing is his guilty pleasure, ssst.. If the weather is nice, Thijs prefers to spend his time outside. Close to a barbecue and surrounded by his friend and family. 

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