Meet our Loyal Thom

Enthusiastic, creative and with a passion for fonts. Meet our offline Loyal Thom! Where others play sports, go shopping or go out for dinner in their spare time, Thom designs and creates fonts. He created a font for our very own Storyteller beer, but more about that later ...

Earlier you saw Thom shine in our summer movie, in which we enjoyed the first rays of the year! With the same enthusiasm as in the video, Thom took on the bootcamp lessons. It turned that wasn’t entirely his thing, so back to the designs. Besides being creative, Thom is also a real snacker. He tends to forget his packed luch, which is usually an excuse to get something tasty. Curious about his ideas and graphic arts? Then read his blog. You and your company can take advantage of Thom's creativity, by getting him to help you create your new corporate identity.

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