Meet our Loyal Youri

If Loyals were an Indian tribe, Youri would be our chief. If we were pirates, he would be the captain. He is down-to-earth and calm, but always driven. A notorious multitasker and a great lover of gadgets. Robots, electric cars, Apple Watch, you name it. As soon as they’re on the market, and preferably sooner, Youri will own it. And he’ll enthusiastically share his conclusions with others.

Surprisingly, Youri is a chef. His kitchen skills give it away. There are few things that make Youri as happy as good food and drink. Well, perhaps growing his businesses. The main driving force behind everything he does. "If we stop growing, I stop liking it." One of the most important tools he uses for this are processes. We also call him 'the process man'. He can spend hours improving processes and is always proud if something has improved yet again. But actually few things make him as proud as his son Noah does. And rightly so.

Favourite quote: "It’ll work out"

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